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Home based small business has seen a boom over the last year.  Work-from-home jobs require business equipment, and probably even time on the road.  Coverage that reaches beyond a homeowner’s policy, can provide peace of mind for you in case of accidents or theft while at your home office, or out and about.

Business personal property including equipment, inventory, and supplies, business related liability exposures, and even possible coverage for lost income are part of the coverage in a home based business policy. Loss or damage from business activities at your home office, or at an off-site location are covered under these policies.

If you run a business out of your residence, extend your coverage options!

An endorsement to a standard homeowner’s policy may provide some coverage, but leave out business related losses.  With a home based business policy you’re covered where a homeowner’s policy might fall short of protecting your livelihood.

At Hometown Insurance & Financial Services, we can walk through the best options to cover your home based businesses.  If you have any questions, just ask!

More info on the types of business coverage that may be available to you is available at this link.

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