Join the Adventures of Our Intrepid Leader!

In our latest episode:

Angelene and John Jump Across the Mountain West, Through the Pacific Northwest, and Onward to Alaska!

Are you looking for adventure, or maybe you like to live vicarioulsy through the adventures of other hearty peeps.

Packed for adventure, and ready for travel: Our intrepid leader, and boss lady, Angelene and her beau John are on the fly again! This time, they’re taking bush plane hops from the southwest mountains of Colorado to the mountain frontier in Alaska.

Here’s a link to the Facebook Group for Avalanche Adventures.  Join our group, and join the journey!

From the Colorado Mountains, to the Utah desert and Great Salt Lake, on through the Pacific Northwest; and into B.C. Canada!  See what Angelene and John are getting into, and fuel your own adventures!

Alaska’s coming up next.  See what’s in store for the bush-hopping duo. 

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2021 Premiums and Deductibles for Medicare Parts A&B

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COVID-19 Tracing Guidelines from the CDC

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Colorado Reports 58% Increase in Teen Suicide Over Three Year Period

Colorado has a need in providing mental health services, and in helping prevent adolescent suicides.  With numbers from 2019 showing Colorado well above the national average of teen suicide deaths for 15-19 year olds. A Correlation in Access to Mental Health Resources...

UnitedHealthcare Mobile App

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For Coloradans caught in the middle; the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and CommonSpirit Health issue is leaving consumers with questions. Unsuccessful Negotiations As of May 1, 2024,  Anthem and CommonSpirit Health Plans have not had success with coming to an...

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