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Hosting & Planning Special Events

With post-pandemic days in sight, outdoor gatherings, festivals, and large events of all kinds will be of welcome return to people everywhere.

For hosts, promoters, and events industry professionals, special events insurance coverage is a necessity.  This type of coverage is evolving, and you should know that not all policies offer the same terms and conditions.

At Hometown Insurance & Financial Services, we are cognizant of emerging risks within the special events space.  We’ll work with you on your event, no matter the type, to ensure you are adequately covered.

The growth within online events over the past year provides a relatively new space for mass gatherings.  With the ability to virtually pull in vast numbers of people on devices from around the world, this is a space that should be covered as well.

Additional coverage related to cyber-issues might include protection should you choose to provide, online transactions, and/or take customer data for your events.

Let’s find the right coverage for your event.

A Good Event Planner is Prepared

In-person gatherings will continue to grow, as will online event streaming.  Crisis management should be a part of a good event planner’s portfolio.  To mitigate crisis, a proper special events insurance policy needs to be part of the plan.

If you’re hosting a large gathering, planning an outdoor festival, doing something in the physical or virtual realm, or a combination of both, special events insurance is a good idea.

Here to Help

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