Saving on Insurance Premiums

When you want to save money on private health insurance premiums, a Premium Tax Credit is what you’ll want.

Pagosa Springs Health Insurance

In Pagosa Springs, Colorado, Hometown Insurance Professionals can ensure you are set up for this financial assistance program with Connect for Health Colorado.

Connect for Health Colorado

Connect for Health Colorado is actually the only place you can apply for financial assistance to help save on your private insurance premiums.

As a Connect for Health Colorado partner, we’re able to help guide you to the best savings and insurance plans for you.

Lower Monthly Premiums

Source: Connect for Health Colorado

Depending on family size and income, you could qualify for lower monthly health insurance premiums.

There are programs for Coloradans working for hourly wages too!  Your premium rate will be dependent upon your hourly rate, and the hours you work per week.

Going Over the Numbers

As this program is dependent on income and family size, you’ll want to be sure to set things up the right way.

If you have changes in income or family size through the year it’s important to note these changes.

This is a savings distributed by the federal government through Connect for Health Colorado, that will be double checked by Uncle Sam when you file taxes.

Financial Help for Lower Monthly Premiums

If you are looking for financial help to lower monthly premiums, find discounts, or other lower-cost to even possible free options, Hometown Insurance Professionals can assist you with this program from Connect for Health Colorado.

There is more information available here.

Here to Help

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