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As technology continues to evolve, wearable tech is likely to remain a continued growth area.  Wearable tech, or smart-jewelry as it’s come to be also known as, can come with a high price tag.  It’s often not distinguishable from other jewelry one might wear.

Now, when investing in a new piece of wearable tech, it might be wise to pick up a bit of insurance to cover certain areas where a manufacturer’s warranty may fall short.  You can actually pick up the same level of insurance coverage for smart-jewelry that you would find for all other pieces of jewelry.

While we’re on the topic of wearable tech, maybe you’re wondering what are we talking about here.  Or, maybe you’re hooked into the smart-jewelry scene already, and tracking steps while taking calls on your wrist watch.

Here’s just one styling available from apple in their HERMES PARIS collection

Well, here are some examples!  These pieces are wearable tech, that would be worth picking up some extra coverage for.  You can pick up a Hermes, and apple colab in an apple Watch.

The Fitbit Versa

Still packing a lot of tech, but not quite as high-dollar as the apple watch, the FitBit Versa is a smart-jewelry piece that can be insured.

Bellabeat has several options in the wearable-tech jewelry category

Bellabeat has smart-jewelry that fits into the, not distinguishable from other jewelry category.  Their smart pendants, watches and other items offer various wellness tracking options.  Garmin, has several options in their smartwatch category offering all kinds of tech.

A Garmin MARQ model smartwatch

Including these pieces we just named, there are tons of wearable tech pieces.  As smart jewelry becomes more prolific, the types of pieces on offer are sure to grow too.  If you’re thinking of picking up a new piece, or already are wearing wearable tech, consider giving your investment some extra coverage that includes smart jewelry that is lost, damaged, stolen, or mysteriously disappears.  Let us know if you have any questions about covering your jewelry, if it has a brain, or not.

One caveat to smart-jewelry coverage, data loss is not protected.

Hat tip to The Jeweler’s Box Blog, for this post where you can find more information.

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