Open enrollment for new insurance plans isn’t quite here yet.  That happens on November 1, 2020.   Did you know, that under certain circumstances you can still sign up for coverage now?

Life changing events might qualify you for insurance now if you don’t currently have coverage.  Special enrollment periods include life changing events.

A new addition to your family might qualify as a life change event.  Image Credit: Connect for Health Colorado

If you’ve recently experienced a life changing event such as moving, marriage, or having a baby; you’re eligible for a special enrollment period.

A change of employment, and loss of employer based insurance would qualify as one of these events as well.

During or outside of an open enrollment period, Coloradans should be advised they have a 60 day window upon experiencing a qualifying life change event to buy or change plans.

If you have questions about signing up for insurance coverage during a special enrollment period it would be our pleasure, at Hometown Insurance Professionals, to help you look at the options available for families and individuals.

Connect for Health Colorado has more details on qualifying life change events here.

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