The End of the Declared Public Health Emergency

What you need to stay covered.

The Public Health Emergency is coming to an end. Many things will feel familiar, but you should be aware of changes.

Changes on the Horizon

Did you hear? The Public Health Emergency declared in March of 2020 is ending.  This means an end to continuous coverage.

State Medicaid programs are working with Federal partners to make sure everyone is ready for the switchover!

Standard eligibility renewal and disenrollment processing will return to the way things were before that emergency was declared.

What’s Continuous Coverage?

Medicaid continuous coverage provisions have been in place for nearly three years!  In March of 2020, coinciding with the proliferation of COVID-19, a Public Health Emergency was declared.  The Medicaid Continuous Coverage Provisions have been in place since.

This program was designed to keep everyone with Medicaid covered during the Public Health Emergency.  Now that it’s over, you’ll need to make sure you are enrolled.



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States are Planning

So that recipients of Medicaid don’t go without coverage, state plans have been working to make sure everyone knows about the impending changes.

The American Rescue Act, and Inflation Reduction Act should allow folks across the country to find plans at resonable rates as a large percentage of people qualify for financial help.

Specific to Colorado

Connect for Health Colorado is offering more affordability in health coverage to more people.  Also, Colorado’s Health Insurance Affordability Enterprise provides assistance to people whose incomes are just over the threshold in qualifing for Medicaid.

So, there are affordable programs for a large portion of the population.

What if I still have questions?

It’s our goal to guide you through the changes in healthcare programs and coverage.  At HomeTown, our agents keep up with all of these changes, and more in what’s going on in the healthcare coverage marketplaces.

We’re happy to help you out.


Here to Help

HomeTown Insurance and Financial Services is here to help! We can ensure your insurance and financial well-being are taken care of by listening to you. Send us a secure note here, or give us a call at (970) 264-4321.  If you just want to text, we can do that too!  Send your text message inquiries to: (970) 444-2595.

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