We’ve come across some information to share with the people of our community, and anyone who comes to our site by searching the web.

During this challenging time, there’s people out there looking to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals.  Scammers.

Using the COVID-19 pandemic to their benefit, these scammers are looking for your personal information.  Scammers may offer COVID-19 testing in exchange for personal details including your Medicare information!

Be alert, and know that Medicare won’t call you to offer COVID-19 related products, service, or benefits revues.

Be careful, with your emails and incoming text messages too.  Never respond to, or click a link within an email or text message from an unknown source.

Watch out, on social media too.

Above all, be wary of anyone who asks for your personal information.

At Hometown Insurance Professionals, we want to take care of our community.  During these challenging times it’s especially important we look after each other!

Here is a link to the official government website of the Office of Inspector General.  They’ve laid out some things you should take note of regarding the rapidly evolving world of COVID-19 fraud.

The Inspector General’s office also has published the following video, 5 Things About COVID-19 Fraud.